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USAC Letter to Governor Herbert

Aug 21, 2013   //   by adminUSAC   //   USAC  //  4 Comments

Utah’s Water Future: USAC Letter to Governor Herbert

Below you will find the letter that USAC submitted to Governor Herbert in regards to the Utah’s Water Future campaign. Have you submitted your comments yet? Head over to www.utahswater.org and make your voice heard! The comment period officially ends on August 31.

Letter to Utah’s Water Future



  • Having lived in Idaho prior to coming to this state and experienced the way it works there I can truly say that it is an appropriate compromise that works. I have a hard time understanding why the interests of what seem to be a few (I may be mistaken here as I am somewhat politically naive) powerful (read: money) lobbying groups are outweighing the interests of the vast majority.

    Let’s meet in the middle with common sense legislation!

  • Dear Governor Herbert,

    I am writing in support of the USAC proposal regarding Utah water access, as I see it as a fair compromise between the rights of private land owners and use of public waters. Growing up in Logan, I have fond memories of fishing the Blacksmith Fork River in Hyrum. My fishing mates and I would consistently pass in and out of private fencing as we made our way upstream- often receiving friendly waves from the property owners. We would cordially return the wave: “thank you for letting us pass through, we will be sure to preserve this area.” It saddens me to think that this benign interaction could now end in argument, law enforcement involvement and even legal retribution. The compromise that USAC proposes would encourage a mutual understanding between the recreationist and the land owner. If an individual accessing the river were acting in an illegal manner or harming the private property in some way legal action would certainly be appropriate. But if the individual were simply enjoying the use of public waters for recreational purposes in a respectful manner (as is the vast majority of cases) the land owner would simply go on with his or her business and wish the fisherman the best of luck. Governor Herbert, thank you for your consideration on this issue, please help protect Utah’s public water access by supporting the vision described in this letter as it encourages respectful use of public lands and will ensure that future generations are able to enjoy the recreational offerings of our beautiful state.

    Erik Sibbernsen

  • Dear Gary,
    I recently devoted a large sum of my income to this purpose, and time to recruiting others for the same purpose. I urge you to save yourself the hassle and us taxpayers the money for a fight that will ultimately go to the majority – people, not the few – wealthy land owners. Only those not honest with themselves can tell themselves it’s a good thing. Wake up, be honest with yourself, or stop being a politician. Remember, you represent us, not the ones with the money get your head out of your bum, and repeal the new stream access law. You’re not God, you cannot powerful, you’re just a man… Now act like one, and represent those who will always be honest with you… blue collar folks… not the greedy wealthy. Listen to your heart… yeah, you have one… it’s just buried by politics. Man up buddy.

  • Gov. Herbert,

    As Utah is the second driest state it should be out into consideration that our rivers, streams, and lakes are our most precious resources. The economic and social benefits of their health should be on the forefront of any decisions made. There is talk that plans are in the works to sacrifice their health, particularly the green river, in order to appease the demands of the energy industry. I ask that you would not sacrifice the welfare of our waters in order to make a quick buck from the oil, natural gas, and tar sands extraction.

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