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Feb 9, 2014   //   by adminUSAC   //   Rally, USAC  //  1 Comment



Our rally is coming up quick, and there’s a few things you need to do to get prepared

Print off your posters, signs, and documents in the Grassroots Kit: http://bit.ly/1dL0yTv
You can use our images, or you can make your own sign/poster.

Strength in numbers. Finalize your carpool/frontrunner/trax/bus plans to get up to the Capitol. Parking is always an issue.

UTA Route 500 (Capitol)
UTA Trip Planner
Utah State Capitol Directions & Parking

Finally (and most importantly) —> prepare to meet with your Representative and Senator after the rally. This is a must and will be the most effective.

We ALL need to enter the Capitol and put in slips to meet with our respective Representatives. This is absolutely critical.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Enter doors at South Steps.
2. Turn left and head up steps to House of Representatives.
3. Go right (North) at the top of the steps. Find the table with the “Green Coats.” Fill out a green sheet with your name, your Representative’s name, the reason: “Individual citizen concerned about Stream Access,” and return it to a Green Coat. They will call your Rep off the floor.
4. Grab a seating chart/face sheet of the Representatives. Look for your Rep, and talk to any other Reps that you see.

If you bring a sheet of paper with your Rep’s name and District on it you can hold it up over the crowd of people to get their attention. Please look up your Legislators in advance here.

It’s that easy folks!

Together, we must all do this last step. Don’t assume someone else will speak to your Rep for you, because they’re likely assuming the same thing. When we all stand strong, and we all take action, our voices are all heard. This is Grassroots! This is the way we do it!
That’s all for now. Over the next 32 days, we have the chance to make history. Let’s not squander the opportunity. As the session progresses, there will surely be more emails to come. Keep your eyes peeled for “Action Alerts.”

Thank you for the support. We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Board of Directors
Utah Steam Access Coalition

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