File a Confrontation Report

USAC is seeking the details of any confrontations between private landowners and anglers or boaters on the following Utah rivers:

    • Weber River (Echo Reservoir to Ogden)
    • Provo River (National Forest boundary to Provo)
    • Ogden River (Causey Reservoir/South Fork to Ogden)
    • Logan River (Utah/Idaho State Line to Bear River)
    • Blacksmith Fork River (Hardware Ranch to Logan River)
    • Little Bear River (Porcupine Reservoir to Bear River)
    • Upper Bear River (Headwaters to Wyoming state line, all forks)
    • Blacks Fork River(Headwaters to Wyoming state line, all forks)
    • Sevier River (Tropic Reservoir/East Fork or Asay Cr/Main Stem to Salina)

USAC has gathered evidence of navigability on all of these rivers, but the State has not recognized them as navigable, which invites landowners to claim the rivers as private. We need a record of angler or boater confrontations with landowners to support present and future legal and political actions to confirm public access to these rivers.

If you’ve had a confrontation with a private landowner over your right to use one of these rivers, including wading, anchoring or other touching of the streambed, please fill out the report form found HERE.

Confrontations include face-to-face encounters with landowners or their representatives, or signs that attempt to limit your use of the river or threaten you with prosecution for using the river.

We are not interested in disputes over the use of surrounding property outside the streambed (i.e., above the ordinary high-water mark).

When dealing with hostile landowners, remain civil at all times but insist on getting the information needed to fill out the report. It’s your right to get this information.

A representative of USAC may follow up with you for clarification or to get more information.