Utah Stream Access Coalition Membership is easy! The only condition for membership to the Utah Stream Access Coalition is that prospective members simply agree to our mission “to promote and assist in all aspects of securing and maintaining public access to Utah’s public waters and streambeds.”  Beyond that there are no dues or tests required to become a member.

Since we’d like to know a little bit more about you, and we’d like to keep you informed of our activities, we’d appreciate you taking the time to:

  1. Text “STREAMACCESS” TO 22828
  2. Fill out the following brief application:

Become a USAC member


Alternatively, just send an email with your full name and address to secretary@utahstreamaccess.org.

… and thank you for your interest in, and commitment to, our cause.

Please let us know if you’d like to play a more active role in this fight for public rights to use public resources.  Tell us how you’d like to help, and what skills you might be able to provide.


The Board of Directors,Utah Stream Access Coalition




  1. Hi. My name is Austyn Bueter. I’ve been fly fishing now for about six years. I can’t tell you how awesome it is that there’s others out there looking to maintain the health, and care, along with the access to our rivers, lakes, and other outdoor areas associated with our passions and hobbies. Keep up the hard work. I’m not worth poop in the legal system, but I have two strong hands, if there’s is anything I can help with. Thank you all. Tight lines!

  2. I just was told of your success today regarding stream access. I am currently (sorry to say) a resident of California , but also a property owner in Utah and plan to soon move my family to the Heber area. I am very encouraged by your efforts and have, in the past, planned my vacations with fishing access as a large determining factor. I will, if your efforts prevail, spend substantially more time ($) in your GREAT state. I thank you all so very much for the logical and constructive direction you help us in.

    Charles B. Webster, III

  3. This is an issue that repeats more and more as our wild and remote areas get sliced up by interests outside those that involved in the Honost pursuit of Trout. Many times I have carried out trash left by others and left the stream better than how I found it. This legislation is about respect.

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